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      About us
      Honor in Shanghai SHANSHAN

      High-Tech Enterprise
      Second improvement award of national science technology 
      Drafting company of National standard 
      Post-doctoral scientific research workstation
      Enterprise technology center of Shanghai City
      Key new products program projects of Shanghai City
      Second improvement award of Shanghai science technology
      Patent work demonstration enterprises of Shanghai city 

      Honor in Ningbo SHANSHAN

      National key high-tech enterprise
      National 863 program project
      National high technology industrialization demonstration engineering project
      Innovation funds project of MOST (Ministry of Science and Technology)
      National torch program project
      National development and reform commission information industry enterprise technical progress and industry upgrading special project
      Provincial level high-tech enterprise R&D center of Zhejiang Province
      Provincial level enterprise Research Institute of Zhejiang Province
      Enterprise technology center of Zhejiang Province
      Provincial level patents demonstration enterprise of Zhejiang Province
      Ningbo municipal engineering(technology) center
      Innovation-type pilot enterprise of Ningbo city
      Ningbo municipal enterprise Research Institute
      Award for scientific and technological advancement of Ningbo city

      Honor in Chenzhou SHANSHAN

      High-tech enterprise
      “The Little Giant” program enterprise of Hunan province
      Enterprise technology center identified by Hunan province
      New material enterprise of Hunan province
      Engineering research center of Chenzhou city
      Lithium-ion battery anode material technology research center of Chenzhou city

      Honor in Huzhou Chuangya Power Battery Material Co., Ltd.

      High-tech enterprise
      National torch program project
      Provincial high-tech enterprise R&D center
      Zhejiang provincial patent demonstration enterprise
      Patent demonstration enterprise of Huzhou city
      Enterprise post-doctoral mobile workstation